Smarthost VoIP Advantage

  • Quality of services
  • Ease of Use
  • Innovation
Quality of services

We have the best quality of services (period). How you may ask?

  • We VoIP Assessment for every solution
  • Exclusive Design Segmentation
  • VoIP Traffic optimization
  • Utilizes Business grade hardware
Ease of Use

We are easy to work with. Unlike our competition, your account will have a face, your staff will get the attention needed to support your business.

  • Friendly support Team
  • Knowledgeable of VoIP Infrastructure
  • Phones and features are easy to use.

Our solution is constantly evolving, bringing to the latest technology, user interface, functionality, features that support your business.

  • Agile Dev
  • Cloud powered
  • Support for feature rish and advance desktop phones
  • Fluid web interface with responsive design