Smarthost VoIP Advantage

Smarthost VoIP Advantage

Smarthost Virtual Dial is built on the Atlas SaaS – an enterprise level and best in class feature set of unmatched quality and reliability that allows your business to surpass your competition.

With Smarthost Virtual Dial you will enjoy unlimited control with limitless scalability and configuration options right at your fingertips.

Our experience with businesses indicates that 99.9% of business want a solution that is easy to use, easy to configure and affordable.

And that is what we offer. No more expensive, complicated, antiquated, big box equipment in your telco closet and expensive services contract to support the dinosaur PBX.

Our Solution is easy to use, easy to manage and includes all the support you need at a flat fee.

  • Quality of services
  • Ease of Use
  • Innovation
Quality of services

We have the best quality of services (period). How you may ask?

  • We VoIP Assessment for every solution
  • Exclusive Design Segmentation
  • VoIP Traffic optimization
  • Utilizes Business grade hardware
  • Professional Installation
Ease of Use

We are easy to work with. Unlike our competition, your account will have a face, your staff will get the attention needed to support your business.

  • Friendly support team
  • Knowledge of VoIP Infrastructure
  • Phones and features are easy to use
  • Easy access secure access
  • Intuitive interface

Our solution is constantly evolving, bringing to the latest technology, user interface, functionality, features that support your business.

  • Agile Dev
  • Cloud powered
  • Support for feature rish and advance desktop phones
  • Fluid web interface with responsive design
  • Rich Call Reporting

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